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Nothing lasts forever, but you want your home to. Natural wear and tear happens to every part of your home; the paint, carpet, windows, and doors are all common things that homeowners update. However, have you ever thought about your siding? Siding also known as wall cladding, is exactly that- the side of your home. Siding attaches to and protects the exterior of your home. It makes up a vast majority of the exterior, and yet often gets overlooked.

How do you know it’s time to replace the siding on your home?

Siding is easy to replace as long as you know what you are looking for. Here are the most common warning signs that indicate its time to replace the siding of your home.

Wildlife damage

Forget weather damage (although it does play a role), but wildlife and insect damage can impact your siding even more. If you have wood siding, squirrels, termites, and woodpeckers are just a few of the critters that like to reek havoc on your siding. The result may be holes, nests, or scratches. To prevent this problem in the future, maintenance-free vinyl siding is an ideal option that you’ll love, but pests won’t.

Bubbling & blistering

It is not hard to identify bubbling and blistering. Over time, as the siding of your home is exposed to the sun, rain, and other extreme weather conditions, bubbles or blisters may form. These are a result of moisture getting trapped beneath the siding or heat causing it to bubble up. From far away you may not always notice it, but it can negatively impact the beauty of your home.

High energy bill

The fact is that when these things start going wrong, your energy bill will pay the price- or your wallet will at least. The bubbling and blistering mentioned above for example, means that your home will no longer be as securely insulated as it once was. As siding is peeled away from the walls, this removes the layers of insulation you need to keep your home warm or cold accordingly.

Mold, rot, & more

Mold, rot, and more could already be in your siding if you have not replaced it recently. Mold and rot are a result of moisture being trapped. Although both are extremely damaging, mold can spread and have significant health effects on the individuals living inside your home. If you suspect either of these problems, it is important to contact a professional immediately to inspect the damage.

Cracks or looseness

Cracked or loose siding can happen for any of the reasons listed above. Animals may create cracks, weather could make your siding loose, and so on. Like in many of the other scenarios above, once your siding is compromised and does not lay flat against the house, insulation goes out the window and so does your money.

If you have an older home and you know the siding hasn’t been replaced, look for these warning signs. It might just be time to try maintenance-free, more energy efficient vinyl siding for a change.

Start your research with a reputable contractor. Ask questions, get an estimate and compare shop. Start with 180 Contracting, a Michigan based company that won’t steer you wrong. As home improvement contractors specializing in vinyl siding, replacement windows, roof installation and more, we have the highest quality workmanship around. We are committed to making sure every project runs smoothly while causing as little disruption to your home, life, and wallet as possible.

Our vinyl siding replacement or new installation services ensure your home is protected year-round as well as energy efficient. Our siding materials are designed to protect against extreme weather conditions, requires minimal maintenance and preserves color for years to come. Call us to learn more about our residential home improvement services!

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