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How Long do Shingle Roofs Last? 


Ever wonder how long shingle roofs last? When you invest in the roof of your house, your primary concern is the number of years that it would last without having to go for a replacement. This span of years varies with each variant of roof shingles that is used, be it wood, slate, metal or asphalt roof shingles. There are several factors that affect the lifespan of these roofs- it can be natural such as wind and rain, or structural issues such as attic ventilation etc. You must have a thorough idea of which roof is going to last for how long and how many times you would need to repair small defects of your roofs in between before opting for a complete replacement. After a while, getting a replacement for your damaged roof would prove to be more economical than investing in periodic repairs. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the lifespan of different types of roof shingles, followed by factors that can affect your roof and lastly, some prominent signs that indicate that your house needs an immediate roof replacement. 


Different types of roofs and their life spans: 


  • Asphalt shingles

Asphalt roof shingles last between 15 to 30 years in time. This can vary based on weather conditions and the climatic changes in the area in which you plan to live. There are several types of Asphalt shingles available which include 3-tab shingles, Architectural shingles and Premium shingles. 3-tab shingles last between 15-20 years, Architectural shingles last for 20-30 years and Premium shingles last for 25-40 years in time. 

  • Metal shingles

Metal roofs can last between 40-70 years. Warranties can be achieved between 20 years to a lifetime but this depends on the design of the roof and the type of metal used. Stand seam metal roofing lasts for 50 years, Ribbed metal panels last between 25-50 years and Stone-coated steel tiles have a lifespan of 30 to 50 years. 

  • Wood shakes

Wooden shake shingles last for 30 years with properly and regularly done maintenance. Wooden roofs need to be repainted every five years and yearly cleanings. Amongst all the kinds of wooden shingles available, Cedar shakes last for the longest time because cedar is rot and insect resistant. Cedar can withstand winds with speed up to 245 miles an hour and thus is a good choice of roofing for coastal homes. 

  • Slate tile roof 

Slate roofs have the longest lifespan which ranges from 75-200 years. You can receive warranties for slate roofs that can last a lifetime. Slate roof can withstand very harsh weather conditions like changing temperatures and very high winds. These do not require much maintenance and also retain no moisture. Some 100 square feet of slate can weigh 1000 pounds thus you must be certain that your roofing system can withstand that weight before you install it in your building. 

  • Clay tile roof 

Clay tile roofs are sturdy and can last from 50-100 years in time. You may be offered warranties from 30 years to a whole lifetime. Clay is weather resistant, rot resistant and also, fire resistant. If you can prevent the growth of moss on these tiles and ensure proper cleaning, then these tiles shall serve you for a very long time without causing much hassle. If you’re living in colder climates then the constant freezing and thawing might affect your roof. You can prevent this by sealing your clay tiles in winters.


What factors affect how long shingle roofs last? 


There are several factors that can drastically affect the lifespans of your roof shingles. Some of those factors are listed below. 

  • Materials used-

    Each kind of shingles have its own set of characteristics and drawbacks which determine its durability and sturdiness. If your roofing materials are of the best quality and are appropriately suited to the kind of weather conditions that your house has to withstand, then your roof shingles will automatically last longer.


  • Quality of workmanship-

    A poor quality of installation workmanship can shorten the lifespan of your roof. If the roofing procedure isn’t done by skilled craftsmen and workers, then the chance of severe roof damage due to improper installation increases several folds.


  • Ventilation-

    Poor ventilation can cause your roof shingles to weaken. This is an important factor, especially in the case of Asphalt roof shingles. Proper ventilation allows built-up heat and moisture to escape without causing any harm to the shingles.


  • Insulation-

    If your roof is poorly insulated, then it will be harder to regulate indoor temperatures. You would need additional appliances such as air coolers to regulate the temperature inside your house and this would in turn increase your energy bills.


  • Exposure to Sun-

    Too much exposure to sunlight can prove to be very harmful. Prolonged hours of exposure to the scorching sun can lead to cracks and degradation of your roof. UV radiations can fasten the process of roof degradation, and thus it is advisable to install roofs that can handle sun rays well.

Signs that your roof needs a replacement: 

If you have an Asphalt roof then, cracked shingles, formation of mineral granules, and curling are signs that your roof needs a replacement. With a Metal Roof, the appearance of widespread rust or discoloration, mold, or water staining should be your cue to get a new roof. For Wood shingles, pest damage, rotting or splitting shingles, and for Slate tile roof, water damage in the attic and cracked shingles are the signs of roof replacement, respectively. If your roof needs repairs after every 2/3 years, then it is more cost-effective for you to invest in a new roof rather than repairing a damaged roof over and over again. 

The most important step to ensure that your roof lasts a long time is to schedule regular maintenance and inspection done by professional contractors. If you can identify the problems early on, then it would be easier to perform repairs and also extend the lifespan of your roof. Now that you know how long shingle roofs last, go through your options diligently and choose the type that fits your needs completely and also guarantees you a long and secured stay under the same roof. To get an expert opinion of how long  your shingle roof will last and a free inspection, visit 180Contractors

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